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Welcome to a new member company: Sedam IT

Sedam IT is a prominent company among the leading Croatian suppliers of information and communication solutions and services. In our business circle, we are known as top experts in the development and delivery of our own and renowned vendor ICT solutions, emphasising an individual approach to each client. We have 100% domestic ownership, constantly proving ourselves on large foreign projects.

The beginnings of development and initial growth came from our solutions: Sedam CRM, Sedam Contact Centers and Sedam Karat 24 solutions. In the initial years of business, we gathered a team of top experts and achieved significant results that enabled us to grow rapidly. In 2018, we acquired the first international clients, which is why in 2019 we were named one of the most successful domestic companies in the software segment with the highest percentage growth in exports. The portfolio covers the entire ICT needs of the company: from infrastructure and optimisation to software solutions developed to achieve specific customer goals.

Innovation is an essential requirement for creating business plans for future business development, so we count over 100 successful project implementations, multiple POCs in the field of intelligent management of production and distribution of electricity and wind power, new generation payment systems, e-knowledge sharing, smart network management and various new-age communication channels. Continuous investment in innovation has led to the development of 4 internal startups, including the Matison Mediation Platform (MMP) And Sedam Pay.

  1.  Matison Mediation Platform (MMP) is a highly flexible and modular system that provides Lawful Interception for communication service providers to operate, administer, and comply with government requirements and regulations. Our products (within the platform) are built according to international standards and ensure the highest compatibility between the service provider network and law enforcement monitoring facilities. Matison products consolidate multiple lawful interception systems and provide its innovative subscription model approach to meet ISPs regulatory needs.
  2. 7Pay platform is a unique solution for managing card business, various cashless payment systems and advanced payment services. The purpose is to ensure the acceptance of all credit and debit cards of different issuing banks and modern forms such as mobile payments and increasingly advanced payment methods by Smart POS or Soft POS (that turns the smartphone into a POS) without affecting the customer experience. An integral part of the service is the preparation for clearing and settlement, whereby the entire process is simplified and unified in one place. Additially, platform enables quick and easy implementation of new functions/services depending on the needs of users (cash register, loyalty program, etc.).

Our top experts count over 300 passed certificates, among which they are the most prestigious, of which there are only a few in the world. By continuously investing in the quality of our services, caring for employees and customers and, above all, providing quality solutions and services, we stand by the best world practices. In addition to individual achievements, we have several internationally recognised statuses, which places us among the most prestigious and competitive companies in the region and beyond.

We are not alone in this story. We build success through people in as many as five cities to create, grow and expand market presence. This way of doing business allows us to provide a complete service and quickly and successfully achieve the business goals of all our customers. Whether working on projects, collaborating with clients or ordinary daily tasks, we take everything very seriously. We value freedom and innovative thinking, but at the same time, we believe that trust and quality cooperation are critical to the satisfaction of all parties involved.